LOST-A check of $20 to the order of Max Winkler. Finder please return to 16 Hollis Hall.

BICYCLE CLUB.- The new cap will cost $1.00. Members will leave their names with size of cap they wish at the Co-operative store before next Monday night at the latest. Per order of the committee.

JUNIOR CLASS NINE.- Train leaves Boston and Maine depot at 1 p. m. We will meet at Leavitt and Peirce's at 12 sharp. Fare, round trip, will be about two dollars each.

CHAS. DOWNER.HARVARD SHOOTING CLUB.- The second competion for the "Marksman's Cup" will be held to-day at Walnut Hill. The rifle shooting will be at 200 yards, off-hand; the pistol shooting at 50 yards, off-hand. Trains leave the Boston and Lowell station at 10.15 a. m. and 12 m.