Marshal Livingston Perrin, Harvard '74, who for the last two or three years has been, by official appointment, Lector of English in the Gottingen University, has been appointed instructor in the North European languages and literatures in Boston University.

FRESHMAN LACROSSE.- The following men will be at the car station in Harvard Square at 4.20: Amory, Tudor, Huntress, Washburn, Davis, Everett, Lowell, Hall, Bigelow, Jones, Morton.

HARVARD CRICKET CLUB.- The following will play against Mystic to-day, and will be at Bartlett's at 12.15 sharp: Brown, Balch, Paul, Frost, Sullivan, Keyes, Norman, Dexter, Butters, Bayer and Ellis. Substitutes: Barrow, Myers, and O. B. Judson. Each man will provide himself with lunch.