Yale Society Elections.

The following men have been elected to the senior societies: To the Skull and Bones-Thomas F. Donnelly, Chicago, III.; Horace S. Stokes, Detroit, Mich., Samuel H. Fisher, Cincinnati, O.; John C. Griggs, Terryville, Conn.; Herbert A. Smith, Worcester, Mass; Charles O. Gill, Orange, N. J.; Harry L. Reed, Manchester, Vt.; William A. McQuaid, New Haven; Henry S. Robinson, Hartford; Horace F. Walker, Detroit, Mich.; Herbert W. Wells, Louisville, Ky.; George W. Woodruff, Scranton, Penn.; Thomas W. Buchanan, Albany, Vt.; William H. Corbin, Hartford, Conn.; Gifford panchot, New York city.

To the Scroll and Keys-William I. Armstrong, Cleveland, O.; Charles T. Brooks, Salem, O.; Robert W. Hunting, jr., Hartford, Conn.; Samuel L. Smith, Cleveland, O.; John R. Galt, Newburg, N. Y.; Harry F. Noyes, Georgetown, Mass.; Leopold J. Francke, New York city; Henry J. Sage, Cincinnati, O.; Edward L. Parsons, New Rochelle, N. Y.; Henry E. Mason, Chicago, Ill.; James G. Rogers, Chicago, Ill.; Lewis S. Welch, Hartford, Conn.; George Coggill, New York city; Henry C. Atkins, Indianapolis, Ind.; Augustus H. Morse, New York city.