Amateur Athletics.

It is announced that the N. A. A. A. A. will send a team of champion athletes across the ocean to contest against the athletes of England, Ireland and the continent. Letters have already been received from prominent English and Irish clubs asking the team to take part in games to be organized specially for it. To select members of the team, a series of games will be held at the grounds of the Manhattan Athletic Club on May 18, which will include all kinds of out-door sports and on May 20th a ten-mile run will take place. These meetings will be open to all amateur athletes in the United States and Canada. The team will take part in limited handicap meetings in England, Ireland, and on the continent, and also will compete in all championship meetings held in those countries. The expenses of the team will be paid by the N. A. A. A. A. The team will sail from New York the first of June, to return about the middle of August.