A New Cage at Princeton.

At a meeting of the executive committee of the Princeton athletic association, a few nights ago, it was formally decided that there was an imperative need of a new base ball cage, and that the association should undertake to build one, if it could get sufficient help and encouragement from the undergraduates. Acting on a suggestion made by Professor Osburn it was decided to appoint two committees from the three associations which will be benefited by the cage, one committee to have charge of the construction of the building, and the other to raise the necessary funds. The committees are made up as follows: on the building committee the president of the Athletic and Foot Ball Associations, the captain of the nine, and the president of the BaseBall Association; on the finance committee, the treasurers of the BaseBall, FootBall and Athletic Associations, the university treasurer, and the captain of the eleven. The graduates have been at so great an expense in improving the varsity grounds that it is not thought fair to call or their aid in this matter, so the expense will have to be borne entirely by the undergraduates. The FootBall Association has contributed generously towards the fund, from its surplus, so what remains, about $1.500 will have to be raised directly from the students by subscription. This collection of the subscriptions will be the principal duty of the finance committee and it will be necessary for them to have the $1,500 pledged by next Wednesday to be payable January 10, if the cage is to be built this winter.