Fact and Rumor.

Hastings Hall is being slated.

Only about seventy seniors have as yet been photographed.

Professor Cooke will give another illustrated lecture next Thursday, upon Rome.

The university crews rowed on the river yesterday.

Professor L. B. R. Briggs will read one of Chancer's Canterbury Tales at the Signet this evening.

The mid-year examination in Mathematics D was made up of amusing and at the same time practical questions.

The Brown University baseball team has decided to continue its independent policy of last year, which was highly successful.

Mr. Samuel Abbott is making a tour of the New England colleges for the purpose of furthering the interests of the Collegian.

The Amherst baseball management is compelled to raise a certain amount of money before the nine can enter the field this year.

The Rev. Endicott Peabody, head master of Groton School will preach at St. John's Memorial Chapel next Sunday morning.

Dr. Whiting invites all members of his class in Physics C to meet him at his house, 9 Waterhouse street, on Friday evening, February 1st.

Pope, '88, will leave Boston in a few days for the south where he intends to engage in business. He was given a dinner at the Thorndike, Monday evening by a number of his classmates.

At present Robinson, '90, leads in the contest for the gold medal offered by the Athletic Yale Association to that member of the University who shall gain the greatest number of points during the year in Yale games and in all open amateur meetings.

The presidents and professors of seventeen colleges in the State of Ohio have organized an association to discuss questions of interest and promote a spirit of fraternity. Nine of these colleges have the word "university" attached to their title.

A decision of the supreme court of New York holds that the Polo Grounds are the property of the city, and declares that the park commissioners have a right to destroy the fences as soon as they please. Owing to legal technicalities, however, nothing is likely to be done for at least a year.