Meeting of Candidates for the 'Varsity Nine.

About twenty-five candidates for the university nine attended the meeting in Captain Willard's room last evening. Of last year's nine only four are now in college. They are Willard, first base; Henshaw, catcher; Howland, right field, and Quackenboss, third base. It is doubtful whether Quackenboss will play this year. The other candidates and the positions for which they are trying are as follows: Pitcher, Luce, '91, McLeod, '90, and Hawley, '89; catcher, Hale, L. S. S., Bell, '92; second base, Mumford, '90, Evans, sp., McCoy, '90, Wood, sp., Talbot, '89, Babbitt, '91; third base, Barney, '90; shortstop, Crosby, '91, Corning, '91, Dean, '91, Codman, '92, Curtis, '92; fielders, McKean, '90, Nichols, '91, Cummings, '91, Schroll, L. S., Codman, '90, Duncan, '90.

The men will begin regular work in the gymnasium today, under the direction of Captain Willard and Clarkson, of the Bostons.

In addition to the championship games with Yale and Princeton, practice games have been arranged with Williams for April 27 at Williamstown and May 15 at Cambridge. The nine will take a short trip during the first week in April, playing the New York league team at New York on April 3, and the Brooklyn Athletics on April 5. It is probable also that a game will be played with the Philadelphias during the trip, but the date is not yet settled.