Recommendation of the Board of Overseers.

An adjourned meeting of the Board of Overseers was held last Wednesday at 50 State street, Boston. After some minor matters had been attended to, the following vote was adopted after a long discussion:-

Voted, That in the opinion of this board it is expedient that every undergraduate be required to report in person early every morning, with a moderate and fixed allowance for occasional absences. That attendance at the exercises of each course be more rigidly enforced. That the system of advisers, somewhat as applied to special students, be extended to the freshman class. That the reports of the presence and absence of students be collected daily by monitors and daily entered on the books. That no choice of studies made by a student be valid if it call for more than three lectures or recitations on any day of the week, unless the choice has been specially allowed by the dean. That in order to make it more difficult for students to prepare by a brief period of cramming to meet the tests applied, the faculty require all the instructors to provide tests of the progress of their students with sufficient frequency to enable them to enforce effectively section 7 of the regulations. That admonition be administered by the dean or by his sole authority, and that the powers of that office be so enlarged, at whatever increased expense it may be necessary to incur, that the records of attendance may always be ready for inspection by the proper officers. That the faculty be asked to prepare and report a series of rules which in their judgment will give practical effect to these recommendations.

The following is the vote by which the above was adopted:

Yeas-Messrs. Roger Wolcott, Lincoln, F. M. Weld, Hodges, S. M. Weld, Coolidge, Lee, Sargent, R. S. Peabody, Putnam, F. C. Lowell, Torrey, Russell, Green, Beaman, Hemmenway, Rev. A. P. Peabody-17.

Nays-President Eliot, Dr. Brooks, Dr. Walcott, C. R. Codman, Samuel Hoar-5.