Interscholastic Athletic Association.

The annual convention of the delegates from the New England preparatory schools belonging to the Interscholastic Athletic Association will be held at Boston on the first Saturday in March. One of the principal objects of the meeting is to make arrangements for an athletic meeting to be held late in the spring. The association is governed by a board of directors consisting of three delegates from each school, together with a Harvard undergraduate. A cup to be contested for has been offered by Harvard men whose purpose is to heighten the standard of athletics at the preparatory schools by means of competitive athletic meetings. It has not yet been decided of how many schools the association will consist, but it is probable that the principal preparatory schools in New England will be represented. The effect of these competitive athletic meetings held by the strongest preparatory schools cannot but be beneficial upon Harvard athletics. A further result will be to stimulate the men of each school to greater efforts in an athletic way in order that their school may be well represented at the contests.