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An important change in the prescribed freshman Physics is announced to take effect the present term. In former years electricity alone has been treated and the scope of the course has been so limited that it has held a minor place not suited to the importance of the subject. The course this year will consist of thirteen lectures upon various topics in Physics and Mechanics including the applications of electricity.

A still more important change will be made in the manner of conducting the course. The lectures will be given by five different instructors each of whom delivers from one to three lectures upon topics which he has especially studied. The result will be an interesting and instructive series, treating the subject in a general, comprehensive way. The necessity of such a change has long been evident, and now that it is made, one of the most irksome features of the freshman year has been removed. The lectures are open to all members of the University and will doubtless be attended by many upperclassmen who desire a general knowledge of Physics but who have been unable to devote time to the subject in their regular work.