The Yale Crew.

It is finally decided that Caldwell will stroke the Yale 'varsity crew this year, and he will begin to train about the middle of next month. Yale is very much pleased at his decision to row, as this leaves only one seat-bow-to be filled by a new man, so the crew will practically be made up of veterans. Carter will row in his old position of starboard stroke, and will also coach the crew. It will be remembered that Carter was elected captain of the crew last spring but resigned when he went to Europe last fall. The other members of the crew will be Woodruff, Corbin, Gill, Hartwell and Brewster, all of whom were in last year's boat. This leaves only one new man to be chosen, and there are at present 15 candidates for that position, all of them experienced oarsmen. Thompson, the last year's coxswain, will again occupy that position this year.