Ninety Tug-of-war Team.

Only three men answered the call for a meeting of candidates for Ninety's tug-of-war team last evening. This is by no means a promising outlook for the juniors. In previous years, '90 has shown more promise of developing a victorious tug-of-war team than in any other branch of athletics, and it would be unfortunate if she now lost her interest even in that direction. There will be another meeting early next week, and it desired that enough men will present themselves as candidates so that two strong teams can be formed to pull against each other, and thus give the men better practice than they generally get when they are obliged to pull against cleats.

It is the purpose of the captain to pay more attention than has usually been done to the training of the candidates with dumb-bells, chest-weights, etc., and daily work will be required of the men as in other branches of athletics.