Dental School Anniversary Dinner.

The twentieth anniversary of the founding of the Harvard Dental School was celebrated by a meeting yesterday afternoon followed in the evening by a dinner at the Vendome. There were present about seventy-five graduates of the school. Governor Ames, Dr. A. P. Peabody, and Dr. Alexander McKenzie were the guests of the evening.

As President Eliot was unavoidably absent, Mr. Roger Wolcott presided in his place. Mr. Wolcott began the toast with a witty speech on the necessity of dentists. He was followed by Governor Ames, who spoke for the Commonwealth, Rev. A. P. Peabody, D.D., Dr. H. W. Williams of the Medical School, Dean Chandler, of the Dental School, Mr. Edward, W. Hooper, treasurer of the University, Dr. H. P. Bowditch, Dr. P. Brown, Dr. L. D. Shepard and Rev. Alexander McKenzie. The speakers traced the development of dentistry as a profession and glorified the part the Harvard School has taken in its advancement. The University Glee Club was present and sang several selections, during the evening, all of which were loudly applauded.