Appleton Chapel.

Rev. F. G, Peabody led the devotional services at vespers yesterday evening and Rev. Mr. Lawrence of Cambridge delivered a sermon. Taking a text from Luke 2-45 where Jesus is found in the temple by his mother hearing the doctors and asking them questions, he said that the young Lord for the first time leaving the narrow, squalid provincialism of Nazareth, with its limited horizon and cramped ideas of life, coming into the larger activity of Jerusalem and beholding the wonders of its temple, might be compared to the student at the university who, coming from the narrowness of his provincial home, discovers in his new sphere so many new and inspiring ideas that he becomes for a time lost to his former self and forgets in the revelation of the world the duties which bind him to his home. Like the Savior, many a young man finds himself shaken in his reverie by a call to retire from the broad life of the university and go back into the common place of his home life. He feels that he has found the work he was born to do does not lie in the country and is only persuaded by the entreaties of his parents to retire to his provincial life to widen by his broadened views the sphere of his own home. The choir sang the following pieces: anthem, Rejoice in the Lord. Calkin; anthem, O for the wings of a dove, Mendelssohn; anthem, solo, Mr. J. C. Bartleett (Boston).