University of Pennsylvania Athletic team.

Notwithstanding the fact that the University of Pennsylvania has lost many of her old men her prospects in track athletics next spring are quite favorable. Never before have so many men begun training on their own account. Most of the candidates come from the freshman class and Medical department and judging from the material there will be little difficulty in filling the vacancies made by the loss of old men. L. Audenreid '90, and J. Dewey '91, have been elected representatives from the two main departments and with Mr. F. C. Williams will take charge of the men. The rink at the corner of 23rd and Chestnut streets has been reengage for the year and with the improvement in the heating apparatus ought to make a good building for the team. The track is fourteen laps to the mile and has no very sharp turns. The building will be in the charge of Dr. Leuf and Mr. Smith and will be open for university men from eight in the morning until six at night. The following men have signified their intention to go into training immediately: short distances-Johnson, Ogden, Little, Deveraux, Starr; for the 440 yard run-Warwick, Frazier, Thayer, Heidekoper, S. W. Smith and Bowman; in the half-mile run-Warwick, West, S. W, Smith, Terry, Hill, Heidekoper, Beaumont, Whitney, and W. O. Griffith; one mile-West Beaumont, and S. W. Smith; hurdlers-Little, Ogden, Harris, Deveraux; high jump-Webster, Howard, Little, Oberholtzer, Lee, and Webber; weight men-Bowser, Harvey, Waugaman, Fair and Van Loon; broad jump-Goodwin, and Ogden; pole vault-Field and Griscone.