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Almost ten years have now passed since the Oedipus Tyrannus was played in Sanders theatre by Harvard students. Although since 1881 numerous Greek tragedies as well as the Birds of Aristophanes have been represented at English universities, nothing has been done at Harvard. We hope, however, that the time has come when the Greek department will give another proof of its vigor. We understand that Professor J. W. White is in favor of the undertaking of another play, though perhaps not on such a grand scale as before. His idea is rather to have two short plays, a Latin comedy followed by one of Aristophanes. Yet it certainly seems as if a representation on as grand a scale as the previous one would amply repay the trouble taken, and would in more ways than one, prove beneficial to Harvard and to the course of classical studies. If Professor White puts his plan into practice it is to be hoped that his efforts will be seconded by all students of the classics at Harvard.