Hockey Team.

During the last few days there has been considerable correspondence between the managers of the Harvard and Yale hockey teams. The question most debated upon has been the one about the rules to govern the match between the two colleges. Yale has sent down her code; she has the Canadian rules with a few changes, and will play with long sticks. Harvard has a set of rules of her own which have been sent to New Haven. Yale is anxious to arrange a match and if one is not played this year between the colleges, it certainly will be next year.

The Harvard team will play in a tournament on Saturday in which teams representing Soughton, Cambridgeport, and Dorchester will enter. The team from Harvard will be made up of the five men, viz. J. Crane, G. L. Batchelder, D. S. Dean, F. L. Codman, with a fifth position to be filled. Probably T. Barron will have the place. The men are practicing regularly on the ice and although they have as yet played no match game where their merits or defects could be definitely discovered, the outlook for a strong team is encouraging.