Track Athletics.

Nearly all the men who will train for the Mott Haven team are now at work. About fifty men will go into the B. A. A. games of February 15. Among those who will represent Harvard are Lee '91, Moen '91, Crosby '91, Fearing '93, Wright '92, Endicott '90, Stead '91, White '92, Downs '90, Mason L. S., Shea '92, Alwood L. S., Allen, '92, Batchelder '92, Winslow '93, Kent '93, K. Brown '91, Sturgis '90. These men will enter a very large number of events. Those who are to enter the B. A. A. games are doing their work in the morning and those who are simply training for the more distant intercollegiate games work in the afternoon.

The whole number of men trying for the team is 68. The work at present is rather irregular and the men are not divided in regular squads as they will be after February 15. After that date the men will be divided according to the events they are working for and the work will be far more systematic than at present. Of course we are to have a tug-of-war team but it is impossible to get one under way until after the examinations. Captain Sturgis called a meeting of candidates the other day but nobody appeared. It is not improbable that the team will undertake a kind of training different from that used heretofore in order to avoid if possible some of the risks of subjecting untrained men to violent effort. Just after the mid-years a captain will be appointed for the tug-of-war team and regular work begun. There are some good men in college and there is no reason to suppose that with careful training they cannot be made into a team good enough to beat Yale at least.