Championship Tennis.

Hovey and Chase Win the Doubles.

The match in doubles for the college tennis championship was played Saturday afternoon on Jarvis field, Hovey and Chase winning. The first set was the most interesting, and Lee and Tallant did very good work, though they were beaten by a score of 8-6. In the set Hovey and Chase warmed up still better, while Lee and Tallant began to lose ground. They played often to net, and Lee's returns were very slow. Hovey and Chase won the set by a score of 6-4, and also the following one-score 6-0-thus winning the three sets. Hovey and Chase were in good form, and played a strong and unfaltering game. They seemed to play more with the idea of tiring out their opponents, although many of their returns were beautifully done. They did not seem to tire at all, where as Tallant and Lee showed the effect of the first set, and were visibly tired out in the last two. Their chief fault was a slow return, and generally into their opponent's hands. Tallant was the quicker of the two and did some brilliant work, especially at the beginning. Lee played more carelessly and with less snap, making at times inexcusable returns. The wind that came up during the last part of the afternoon interfered considerably with the games, and caused each side to lose several points.