Freshman Foot Ball Games.

In connection with the coming freshman foot ball game, it is interesting to review the former games. In 1876 the first freshman game between Harvard and Yale was played on the Boston Common with snow on the ground and a freezing temperature, Harvard winning by a score of three goals to none. The following year two games were played, Harvard being victorious at New Haven by a score of one goal to O, and at Boston by a score of one touch down to 0.

No games were played in '78 and in the next year Yale '83, won both games played at New Haven and Cambridge, with scores of 2 touch downs to 0, and 1 goal and 3 touch downs to 0. In '80 and '81 Harvard lost; in '82 and '83 the games were tied,-6-6 and 5-5. The next year Yale '88 defeated both the Amherst and Wesleyan freshman teams by scores of 58-0 and 8-2.

For the last four years Yale has been defeated by Harvard at Cambridge and New Haven alternately, by scores of 22-4, 6-2, 36-4 and 35-12. Thus it will be seen that since the association was formed the Harvard freshmen have won seven games and the Yale freshmen four, two games being tied.