Yale Freshman Measurements.

Dr. Seaver of Yale has completed his measurements of the Academic freshmen. The condition of the class as a whole was fairly good. It is rather interesting to compare some of these measurements with those of the freshman class at Yale last year. The average age of '94 is considerably above that of '93; 18 years, 10 months being the age of the average '94 man, to 18 years, 1 month for last year's freshmen. Ninety-four is also the heavier class, averaging 135 ibs. to 130. '93, however, has the heaviest man, 242 lbs. to 203 of the heaviest '94 man; but '94 has the lightest man, 77 lbs. to '93s 97. The tallest man in '94 is 6 ft. 2 3-4 in.; in 93 6 ft. 1-6 in. The shortest man in '94 is 4 ft. 8 in.; in '93, 5 ft. 6 in.