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By the notice which the Athletic association publishes this morning it will be seen that the rule passed last year by the association in regard to class tug-of-war contests has been repealed. It seems that this action was not very widely made known last year when it took place, and this year until a very short time ago it was entirely overlooked by the different class managements and even by the association itself. Accordingly all the class teams began practising in the belief that the old regulations were still in force. The Athletic association now, therefore, inasmuch as no timely notice has been given the classes, has decided that in justice to the various class managements, the rule should be repealed. The regulation as passed last year seems to us eminently fair. It is unfortunate that it should have to be rescinded this year merely on account of an apparent oversight, and we hope that next year it will be put in force.

As to the class tug-of-war work now being done, matters seem to be moving along but slowly with all four teams, and the seniors especially have been backward in bringing out good men. What all the classes really need is an infinite amount more of energy put into the work. Tug-of-war may not be the best kind of sport, but now that the classes have determined to have contests, they must show far more life than they have displayed so far.