The March Outing.

Outing for March contains some interesting matter, although many of the articles savor too much of the statistical. "Fishing and Hunting in the Northwest" is a description of the charming lakes of northern Minnesota which are yearly becoming more popular among the lovers of fine sport who here find their fill of the best fishing and hunting in the country. A. Austin contributes "Theory and Practice of Boxing" He gives a list of all the technical points of this sport, and sets forth pretty plainly the principles on which one should learn this art; his ideas are sound and practical. The article of this issue relating most directly to college affairs is "Athletics at Cornell." The writer is evidently a partisan of Cornell for he favors her at every point, but nevertheless he gives us a very clear idea of the origin and rise of athletics at this university; he would have done well to offer some prediction as to the position in athletics which Cornell will hold in the future for it can hardly fail to be a prominent one. "Prospects of the Yachting Season" and "Creedmoor and the National Guard" are interesting, and contain a good deal of very readable information and comment. The latter article is especially well illustrated. The number closes with the usual monthly record of athletics.