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The baseball season is well under way, and opportunity has been given during the past two weeks for observing the general play of the nine which is to represent Harvard this season. Changes in the make-up of the team have necessarily been frequent, and there can be no complaint, as far as the university nine is concerned, that every candidate has been given a fair chance. The material this year has been unusually abundant, and for that reason the task of selecting the proper players has been a more than ordinarily hard one. The nine as present constituted, however, is the strongest possible one, and it deserves a much more hearty support from the college than it has yet received. The number of spectators at each game has been limited to a very few enthusiasts. The great body of undergraduates for some unaccountable reason, has failed utterly to support its representatives. The consequence is that the receipts have been far insufficient to pay the expenses of the games. It should be understood that Capt. Linn and his managers are doing their utmost to advance Harvard's baseball interests. Their efforts certainly deserve the cordial co-operation of the college.