The '89 Class Report.

By the courtesy of the secretary of the class of '89, the sheets of statistics from his first report have been placed at the disposal of the CRIMSON. Extracts from these statistics will be of general interest.

The number of men receiving the degree of A. B. or S. B. in June, 1889, was 213. Thirty-nine men were associated with the class as special students, and forty-seven others were at various times during the course connected with the class as regular students, but for various reasons failed to graduate.

The geographical distribution as regards birthplace and residence of those receiving degrees is shown by the following table:

New England, 123 126

Middle States, 49 53

Southern States, 5 5

Western States (East of Mississippi River) 19 18

Western States (West of Mississippi River). 10 11

Outside the United States, 7 0

213 213

This table is interesting in that it shows the strong tendency of graduates to settle, at least temporarily, in the sections from which they have come to college.

The following table gives the probable occupations of the members of the last four classes, and shows that business and law gets about the same number of men each year, proportionately to the size of the classes:

Class of 1886. 1887. 1888. 1889

Business. 46 53 55 41

Law. 51 60 56 51

Medicine. 53 17 22 12