Call at Leavitt and Peirce's for key found on Jarvis field.

HARVARD GLEE CLUB.- Photograph Monday at 1.30 on steps of Sever.

Spring concert tickets must be paid for by 12 o'clock today (Saturday).

FOUND.- Near Memorial a cornet. Owner can have by applying at Leavitt and Peirce's.

HARVARD BANJO CLUB.- Meet tonight at Leavitt and Peirce's promptly at ten minutes past seven.

G. L. OSGOOD, JR.Glee Club, Banjo Club, Mandolin and Guitar Club: Cars leave Harvard Square at 7 today (Saturday) for Boston Art Club.

The following men will meet in the gymnasium at 2.30 sharp: Hallowell, Watters, Dexter, Collamore, Manley, Robb, Dolan, Merriam, Wiggin, Stone, Winsor.

L. A. FROTHINGHAM.PIERIAN SODALITY.- All men who have not paid their dues will please do so today at 13 Matthews. Without the full amount the committee can do nothing.

CRICKET ELEVEN.- Following men will leave Bartlett's at 12 sharp today: Sullivan, Garrett, Hewes, Skinner, Balch, Crowninshield, Parker, Frost, Chew, Carpenter.

R. D. BROWN.LOST.- On Jarvis field or between Jarvis and gymnasium, a black wallet containing a small sum of money and a number of letters. Finder will confer a favor by returning the same to

S. A. M. SKINNER, Law School.SENIOR CLASS will be photographed on the rear steps of Memorial Hall at 1 o'clock Tuesday, May 27. The freshman class will be photographed immediately after. e