To Start for New London.

The university crew will start for New London this afternoon by way of the Old Colony Railroad. They will leave Harvard Square in the horse car which leaves about 4 o'clock. The boats and substitutes will leave this morning at 8 o'clock on the N. Y. and N. E. road; they will get off at Norwich and tow the boat to the Harvard quarters. In the afternoon a shell will be towed to New London to meet the crew, who will row up the river to the quarters. The launch has been sent on by boat and will be ready for use when the crew arrives.

The N. Y. and N. E. Railroad has treated the crew with a great deal of consideration, and will transfer the boats free of charge. They announce that on the day of the race a special train will start from Boston and arrive in time to see the race; it will return immediately after the race. Probably the race will be rowed about 6 p. m.

Harvard will be represented by the following crew: Stroke, J. P. Hutchinson, (Capt.) 153; 7, B. T. Tilton, 185; 6, G. H. Kelton, 186; 5, R. D. Upham, 178; 4, T. N. Perkins, 160; 3, J. H. Goddard, 174; 2, F. B. Winthrop, 161; bow, G. L. Nelson, 159; cox., H. M. Battelle. Substitutes, D. F. Jones, J. C. Powers, F. N. Watriss, N. Rantoul. The Harvard crew averages 169.5 lbs.; the Yale crew averages 172 lbs.