Mathematic Coursess for 1890-91.

The programme of the Mathematical Department for next year is published. The list has been added to and the courses are very fully and carefully described, with lists of the books required. We note the following changes: Course 1, under Prof. White is made a half course for the first half year, treating of spherical trigonometry. Prof. White also takes courses 2 and 12, and Prof. Byerly course 5. Courses 6, 11 and 16 are to be omitted; and 7, 9 and 13 under Prof. J. M. Peirce and 8 under Prof. Byeriy will be given. The new courses are 17, Analytic Geometry of Three Dimensions (omitted next year); 18, Finite Differences by Professors J. M. Peirce, B. O. Peirce and Byerly; 19, Differential Equations (omitted); and 20d, special research in Multiple Algebras under Prof. J. M. Peirce. The pamphlet may be obtained at University 5.