The Northfield Summer School.

Mr. Moody's summer school will be held as usual at Northfield, in the northwestern part of Massachusetts on New London northern division of the Central Vermont Railroad. The school begins Saturday, June 29, and closes Wednesday, July 9. The total expenses, with the exception of car fare, will be $15. Students will assemble here from all colleges in the United States, and active measures have also been taken to have delegations from the great universities in Great Britain, Sweden, Germany and France. Last year the English universities were represented, so that it was possible to compare their methods of Christian work with those in our own country. The singing, which is to be an important feature of the school, will be under the direction of Professor D. B. Towner. Every afternoon will be given up to recreation, so that there will be ample opportunity to enjoy the tennis courts, base ball fields and foot ball fields. Besides, an opportunity is offered to practice track athletics, swimming and boating. The athletic department will be under the direction of Mr. A. A. Stagg of Yale. The following speakers will address the convention: Rev. John A. Smith, Edinburgh, Scotland; Rev. George F. Pentecost, D. D.; Professor L. T. Townsend, of Boston University; Prof. Reven F. Weidner, D. D.; Major D. W. Whittle and Mr. D. L. Moody.

A number of Yale men have already signified their intention of going, and probably the number will be increased before the opening of the school.

The Yale men will have a separate house to themselves, and everything will be done to make their stay a pleasant one.