Affairs at Johns Hopkins.

A notable course of instruction in American constitutional history will begin with February in the historical political department of the Johns Hopkins University. Dr. H. B. Adams will have charge of the class. James Schouler, the historian, will deliver a course of lectures. No text-book, in the commonly accepted sense of the word, will be used, but the five volumes of Mr. Schouler's history of the United States will form the basis of the class and individual work. Dr. Woodrow Wilson, professor of administration at Princeton, will give a series of 24 lectures to the class upon "Administration and Comparative Politics."

President Gilman recently had a talk with the students on the outlook for athletics at Johns Hopkins. A committee of graduate and undergraduate students was appointed to take charge of the gymnasium until the appointment of a new director to succeed Dr. Hartwell and to represent the students in any differences that might arise.