Interscholastic Sports.

The Interscholastic Athletic Association, at its meeting Wednesday night, decided to hold an athletic meeting under the auspices of the B. A. A. on March 14, in Mechanics Hall. The events will be open to members of the association and all schools in Boston and immediate vicinity. All the events will be governed by the rules of the Amateur Athletic Union. Each school will be allowed to enter three men for each event. A banner or cup will be awarded by the B. A. A. management to the school scoring the most points, first place counting five points, second place three and third place one.

The following events were decided upon: 40-yards dash, 300-yards dash, 600-yards dash, 1,000-yards run, one mile run, three-fourths mile walk, 250-yards low hurdle race, running high jump, standing high jump and pole vault for height.

The Interscholastic Athletic Association has grown very rapidly since its organization two years ago. At that time several Harvard graduates and undergraduates went to work, and lent their efforts towards forming the association. They offered a prize to be competed for, and the standard of general athletics at the schools has been much raised thereby. R. S. Hale '91, who was one of the originators of the scheme, is still one of its active supporters.