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Every freshman and new man should take an early opportunity to join the H. A. A. Laying aside all question of loyalty in support of college athletics, it is every man's interest to become a member of the association. By the payment of five dollars he becomes a life member, can there-after attend without further expense all the meetings, indoor and outdoor, held by the association, can become a contestant at any of the meetings, and has the right to participate in all the business meetings of the association. Nearly every man who enters college will want to join the H. A. A. at some time during his course, and all who do intend to join had better do so now and get the full advantage of connection with it.

The H. A. A. should appeal especially to the college. Its athletic team has brought us victory very regularly. More than this the association encourages a sort of athletics in which all men can take part. It likes to have mentry for the Mott Haven team and gives them very practical assistance in their work in the way of careful oversight and the best of advice. There is the further material consideration that if a considerable number of men join the association the amount which it will be necessary to raise from the college by subscription will be small.