'94 Class Meeting.

The sophomore class meeting came to order at five minutes of seven last evening, with President Lee in the chair. After the meeting was called to order the vice-president took the chair and called for nominations for president. James W. Smith and George C. Lee were nominated and then it was voted to close the nominations. Three tellers were appointed to count the votes.

President Lee then took the chair again after which L. A. E. Ahlers and R. B. Beals were nominated for vice-president, and G. C Kellogg for secretary and treasurer, the nominations being then closed. It was voted to vote for all the officers on one ballot, and two tellers were appointed to receive the ballots as the men filed out. The meeting then adjourned.

The result of the ballotting was that the old officers, Lee, Beals and Kellogg, were re-elected by a large majority, though the tellers were a good deal troubled by some rather peculiar ballots. On the whole the meeting was a queer one and rather unsatisfactory.