Fact and Rumor.

Yale defeated Trinity Wednesday, 36 to 0.

B. A. Gould '91 has entered the Law School.

C. N. Barney '94 has entered the Medical School.

Bass, '91, coached the freshman yesterday afternoon.

The 'Varsity eleven will go to the training table Monday.

Fine Arts 4 meets in the new lecture room in Dane Hall,

Heard, '92, was coaching the '92 eleven on Jarvis yesterday.

Holcomb and Lewis of Yale will not return to college this year.

Of the 60 men trying for the freshman eleven, 30 have been dropped.

Chemistry A is being held in the new lecture room in Boylston Hall.

Fifty-four men on the waiting list at Memorial Hall have been taken in.

Professor Clement Smith is the newly elected Dean of Harvard. - Princetonian.

Phillips Andover and Technology elevens played a tie game on Wednesday.

Three hundred and seventy-five men have applied for membership in Fine Arts 4.

Four new buildings have been added to Princeton during the summer.

Wolfe, captain of the Cornell Crew, will not return to college owing to the death of his father.

Four of Andover's victorious eleven of last year have entered Williams and four have gone to Yale.

Tukey who played guard on Bowdoin last year has entered the Harvard Medical School.

Prof. Hart has begun a series of lectures to the Boston school teachers on American History.

Newell, '94, did not practice with the eleven yesterday as he wrenched his knee in the Exeter game.

Williams has made a proposition to Dartmouth to play off the tennis tie at New Haven, Oct. 13.

Wrenn, '94, injured his knee in practice Wednesday so badly that he will be unable to play again this season.

Yale and Princeton managements have refused to play the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia this year.

Oil paintings of Nicholas Sever and Sarah Warren Sever, his wife, have been placed in the hallway of Sever.

Webb of the Brown foot ball team broke his right leg between the ankle and the knee in the game with the Fall Rivers.

In the final drawings of club tables in Memorial yesterday, there were twelve applications and one table to be assigned.

The regular annual meeting of the association of schools and colleges, will be held next Friday and Saturday in Harvard Hall.

G. Crompton, '95, has been appointed manager of the freshman eleven by Captain Trafford. The captain will be appointed later.

Bowdoin has been dropped from the New England Foot Ball Association because of the poor showing of last year's foot ball team and its distance from the other colleges. Stevens Institute has been admitted in her place.