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The sophomore class meeting last night was anything but creditable to the class. Two parties, both determined to elect their ticket, confronted each other, and some of the members of one of these parties resorted to dishonest means to accomplish their purpose. Ample evidence of this has been presented to the CRIMSON in the shape of nine ballots all prepared by the same man for the straight ticket which was elected. If this sort of work was practiced by any number of men, and there is substantial reason to believe that it was, probably enough illegal votes were cast to affect materially the result. It is but fair that the honest men on both sides should know of this. No class in Harvard college can afford, or ought for a moment to countenance anything which savors of dishonesty and trickery. If the part of the sophomore class which was successful in last night's election desires to discountenance effectually everything of this sort in their own class and at the same time to set themselves right before the college, they can do so by refusing to take advantage of the result of the election. The CRIMSON feels sure that the officers of the class were entirely free from any part in the unfortunate business, and they will doubtless take advantage of the suggestion of the CRIMSON and call another meeting.