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All who remember with pleasure the series of college conference meetings held two or three years ago will be glad to know that these meetings are to be begun again this year. The committee in charge of them thought last year that the course of talks on Bible study would in a measure take their place and also that the field might well lie fallow for a year. It was evident throughout the year, however, that the conference meetings were distinctly missed, that they fill a particular place in the college life, and that nothing else can satisfactorily take that place. Accordingly the committee has arranged a series of meetings for this year on the old plan: they will be open to members of the University only, and the conference feature will again be their distinguishing characteristic. The effort will be always made to have them upon subjects of live student interest, and to secure men to lead them who are closely in touch with college life. The first of the series will be held next Monday evening when Mr. Edward Cummings of the Political Economy department, will speak on University Extension. Mr. Cummings, it will be remembered, was for two years holder of the Robert Treat Paine Fellowship, and during that time made a thorough study on the ground of the work which is being done by university men among the masses in Europe, and especially in England. He was for some time a resident at Toynbee Hall, and directly participated in the intensely interesting work which is being done there. His talk Monday night will have reference not only to the university extension work done abroad, but to that attempted on a smaller and somewhat different scale in this country, and will have immediate interest to Harvard men because he will have something to say of the work which is going on in Cambridgeport at the Prospect Progressive Union.