The Union Club.

The Union Club which consisted of about ten clubs last year has been reorganized this fall and has also moved its rooms. The club now consists of five different organizations which occupy the same rooms on different evenings. The clubs making up the Union Club this year are the Graduate, the Deutscher Verein, the Canoe, the Chess and Whist and the Canadian Club. These each have a representative who comprise the Directorate of the Union Club. A. W. Long of the Graduate Club is President; M. Chamberlain of the Canadian Club is First Vice-President; C. L. Schurz of the Deutscher Verein is Second Vice-President; G. L. Batchelder of the Canoe Club is Treasurer, and F. W. Nicolls of the Chess and Whist Club is Secretary. The rooms are in Roberts Block, and there are still some extra evenings which the Union Club would be glad to have engaged.