Foxcroft Club.

The Foxcroft Club held a meeting Wednesday evening to hear the report of the president and to elect directors for the ensuing year. The report showed a very satisfactory condition of affairs. The capacity of the dining room has been so far increased as to absorb the waiting list and leave room for any new men who may now wish to come in. Other improvements have been made, and everything is now running very smoothly.

The following men were elected directors for the ensuing year:

J. G. Nichols, D S., president; C. A. Bliss, Sp., vice-president, L. J. Johnson, secretary and treasurer; W. L. Bartlett, '92; W. T. Brewster, '92; C. C. Closson, Jr., '92; John Cummings, Gr.; F. E. Farley, '93; J. G. Hart, '93; H. B. Hastings, Gr.; C. M. Reed, '94.