New Building for Yale.

The contract for a new building for the Sheffield Scientific School has been awarded to a Bridgeport firm, the bid being a little less than $120,000. The building will be used for the mechanical engineering department, and will be situated between North Sheffield Hall and old Sheffield Hall. It will be 106 feet 8 inches long by 84 feet 4 inches wide, in the shape of a parallelogram with round turrets at each end and a boiler and engine room on one side. There will be four stories in all with a basement. On the first floor will be the wood-working machinery and the machine tool room over the boiler and engine rooms, besides separate draughting rooms for junior, senior and graduate students, lecture room, library and studies. The second floor will be divided up into rooms for various uses, the third for recitation rooms, studies and draughting rooms, and the fourth floor will contain two large halls.

The material of the building will be North Haven pallet brick, trimmed with bands of pressed brick and terra cotta. It will be finished in hard wood, heated by steam, and will have the latest modern improvements in plumbing, etc. The entrance will be through a semi-circular stone and brick porch.