THE following men will be dressed at Cary building at 2.30 p. m.: Emmons, Mason, Vail, Bangs, Dexter, Newell, Hallowell, Gage, Fearing, Lake, Trafford, Collamore, Bond, Fitzhugh, Grant, Rantoul, Highlands, Cobb, Gray, White, Berry.

B. W. TRAFFORD, Capt.'95 ELEVEN. - The following men meet at Bartlett's at 12.05 sharp ready to go to Exeter: Stewart, Davis, Eddy, Potter, Murchie, Whittren, Adams, Wardner, Teele, Boyden, Wadsworth, Hitch, Brown, Jackson, Wrenn, Fairbanks.

R. L. WHITMAN,Temp. Capt.