Today's Game.

This afternoon at 2.45 the eleven will play Stagg's team of Christian workers. The game ought to be the most interesting one of the season from the fact that an opportunity will be given to judge of the amount of improvement which the eleven has made in the past week; for just a week ago the score against Stagg's team was 34 to 0. Yale played this same team about three weeks ago and won by a score of 26 to 0.

The teams will probably line up as follows:


Emmons, (left-end) Black.

Mason, (left-tackle) Ruggles.

Vail, (left-guard) Webb.

Bangs, (centre) Naismith.

Dexter, (right-guard) Patten.

Newell, (right-tackle) Mahon.

Hallowell, (right-end) Van Leuvan.

Gage, (quarter-back) Smith.

Fearing. (half-backs) Davis.

Lake, (half-backs) Stagg.

Trafford, (full-back) Seerley.