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The Czar of Russia has sent to Stanford University a collection of minerals valued at $35,000.

The gilt cross over the entrance to the library is a trophy from the siege of Strasbourg in 1745.

The athletes who competed in the recent Seventh Regiment games will be suspended by the A. A. U.

Prof. Hyde, of Bowdoin, is giving daily lectures on the injurious effects of cigarette smoking.

The Co-operative has done over $12,000 more business this year than for the same length of time last year.

The January Atlantic Monthly will contain an article on James Russell Lowell, by Henry James.

Harvard has nearly 300 recitations and lectures per week. Yale has 119; Michigan, 104: and Princeton 75.

C. W. McKay '93, who played quarterback this year, has been elected captain of the Dartmouth eleven for next season.