The Yale Freshman Crew.

The number of candidates for the Yale '95 crew have been reduced to about twenty-five men, who have lately begun regular work in the tank. As the material this year is, on the whole, unusually good the final selection of the crew will be a matter of more than ordinary difficulty, and will therefore be postponed till late in the season. The list of candidates now includes ractically all the men who expect to try for the team. The Yale News gives the following list of the men with their weights:

Shepley, 172; Goetchius, 160; Johnson, 166; Lyman, 171; Graham, 168; Rogers, 164; Folger, 170; Messler, 171; Pinney, 162; Kinney, 172; Nolan, 153; Hare, 169; Wheeler, 170; Longacre, 176; Beard, 185; Lowndes, 171; Sanford, 186; O'Neill, 170; Ladd, 163; High, 156; James, 165; Krom, 142; Dennison, 153; Auchincloss, 156; Chadwick, 170.

It will be seen that these men average about 166.5 lbs., or 14.3 lbs. more than the average of the candidates for the Harvard '95 crew according to the weights published in Tuesday's CRIMSON. It will also be noticed that there is but one candidate for the Harvard '95 crew weighing more than the average of the Yale candidates, and but one candidate for the Yale '95 crew weighing less than the average of the Harvard candidates.