Yale-Princeton Game Receipts.

Below is a statement of the number of people present and of the receipts at the game on Thanksgiving Day.

Number of people in boxes, 238

Complimentaries for press and police, 234

Tickets sold to Stand D, 7,024

Tickets sold to Grand Stand, 4,796

Complimentary tickets, 212

General admission tickets, 11,065


Total, 23,669

The receipts were as follows:

Grand Stand, with premiums, $5,407 75

Admissions, 10,542 00

Stand D, 6,604 50

Boxes, with premiums, 950 00

Tally-ho and coach stalls, 440 00

Tally-ho and coach stalls, prem's, 948 00


Total, $24,892 25

The tickets sold by Yale made $5,451.50, and those by Princeton $4,389, and the premium on Yale's sales was $1,331. These figures added to the gross sales of the Manhattan Athletic Club make the grand total $36,063.75. Yale and Princeton each received 40 per cent., or $14,425.50.