Improvements in Harvard Hall.

Room number one in Harvard Hall has just been fitted up as a lecture room for Professor White, as the former room used by him. Sever 30, was inconveniently small. This new room has a platform built against the back wall, on which the stereopticons may be placed. The wall opposite has been painted white, for use as a screen; dark shades have been put in all the windows, and a new chandelier has been added, to be lighted by electricity.

The dark shades are raised and lowered easily from the back of the room. In one side of the platform for the stereopticons is a trap door which leads to the basement of the building. On the whole this new lecture room is far better than the old one, not only on account of its greater size, but because of the completeness and convenience of the fittings.

The room adjoining number one is being altered to serve as a library for the historical department. In this case, also, rather cramped quarters are to be changed for ample ones. The books of this department are now in University 20 and are to be brought to the new room as soon as convenient. Still another room is being refitted. This is next to the new historical library room and is to serve as a library for the classical department, its collection of books being now nearly all in Sever Hall.