The Harvard-Yale Race.

Representatives of the two Colleges in Conference at New London.

W. A. Brooks '87, R. F. Herrick '90, and Captain Perkins of the 'varsity crew met President Townsend of the Yale Navy in New London Saturday to talk over the annual Harvard-Yale boat race, and to exchange views in regard to preliminaries. Captain Perkins has not been in Cambridge since the conference, so it is impossible to give any information concerning its results except such as was published in yesterday's papers.

The Herald says: The conference was of a private character, although Judge John G. Crump and John McGinley, representing the board of trade, were subsequently admitted. The college men stated that the five years' agreement, recently expired, would not be renewed unless certain stipulations therein were changed in favor of the college crews. They considered the agreement a too one-sided document, which served the purpose five years ago, but which did not meet present requirements. They expressed the opinion that the Thames course would not be abandoned if New Lodoners showed a disposition to treat fairly with the colleges.

Messrs. Crump and McGinley requested the committee from Yale and Harvard to submit in writing what they desired the city to do.

The local committee agreed to do all that was possible to make those directly concerned perfectly satisfied, and anticipated the hearty co-operation of the railroad companies.

The decision will be announced in a few days.