Yale and Second Regiment Winter Games.

It has been finally decided to hold the usual joint winter games of the Yale Athletic Association and Second Regiment C. N. G. The time selected is the evening of Saturday, March 21. The events chosen are slightly different from those of last year and are as follows: 50 yard dash, one mile walk, running high jump, 440 yards dash, putting the shot, 220 yards hurdle race, one mile run. These are all handicaps, while the scratch events are bayonet race, potato race, obstacle race, tug of war and horizontal bar and fencing contests.

All these events are open to all amateurs; those open to Second Regiment only are: 50 yards dash, scratch, and one mile run, handicap. The weight of the tug-of-war team is limited to 650 lbs. All contests will be governed by the rules of the Intercollegiate Athletic Association, and all handicapping will be done by the official handicapper of the A. A. U. Gold medals will be given to the firsts and silver to the seconds in each event except in the tug-of-war, in which each man of the winning team will receive a gold medal.

Entries must be made to W. W. Parker, Secretary Y. A. A. on or before March 12. An entrance fee of fifty cents will be charged for each man in each event and the right to reject any entry will be rigidly observed. This is to guard against false entries.