Freshman Nine.

A remarkably large number of candidates for the freshman nine appeared in Captain Dean's room last night. Mr. Dean gave them an idea of what would be required of them, and announced the appointment of J. B. Lowell as temporary captain. Candidates will report to him in the gymnasium cage at four o'clock sharp today, when they will begin the usual course of preliminary training. The forty men who came out last night, with the positions in which they desire to play, are: B. F. Linfield, W. Hoag, L. E. Carr, A. A. Highlands, and H. Williams, pitcher; R. E. Paine and A. Coonley, catcher; T. B. White and A. A. Highlands, first base; J. Kernen, L. Coolidge, J. A. Pew, J. C. Howard, H. P. Meehan, and C. D. Jackson, second base; R. D. Small, H. R. Coffin, A. P. Carter, L. M. Hall, A. Coonley, S. V. R. Thayer, C. D. Jackson, S. Batelle, E. C. Green, and E. E. Reardon, third base; J. Kernen, L. M. Hall, L. Coolidge, S. V. R. Thayer, R. B. Beals, J. C. Howard, H. R. Coffin, A. P. Carter, K. Smith, L. E. Carr, W. R. Driver, and W. A. D. Short, short stop; S. Batelle, H. P. Meehan, and P. Musgrave, right field; G. Beals and R. D. Small, centre field; R. B. Beals and G. Beals, left field; L. Coolidge, A. Coonley and Gleason, infield; infield; J. A. Pew, C. B. Earle, G. B. Wilson, A. H. Whitredge, H. L. Thurman, C. D. Varney, K. Smith, L. Hecksher, E. C. Green, B. T. Linfield, W. P. Hapgood, H. C. Fox, and E. E. Reardon, out field.

G. C. Lee has been appointed manager of the team.