Crew Notes.

In spite of the rain and raw wind yesterday afternoon the crew rowed on the river. They first rowed down to the basin, then returned and spent the rest of the time rowing above the boat house. The ice had wholly cleared away, so the new barge was taken out again. The sliding seats were used for the first time, but were let out only six inches. The crew was arranged as follows: Stroke, Perkins '91 (captain); 7, Kelton '93; 6, Vail '93; 5, Winthrop '91; 4, Watriss '92; 3, Shaw '94; 2, Lynam, M. S.; bow, Rantoul '92.

After rowing for about three-quarters of an hour, Kelton left and Winthrop was put in at 7, and Jones '92 rowed in Winthrop's place at 5. C. F. Adams, 2d, steered the barge and coached the men as usual.