HASTY PUDDING CLUB.- Very important meeting Friday at 7 p. m. Every man must be present.

J. A. LOWELL, Sec.THOSE having Chardenal's First French books for which they have no further use will help on the work of the Progressive Union by leaving them at Bartlett's drug store before Friday evening.

HASTY PUDDING CLUB.- Rehearsals at 4.30 and 7 o'clock today.

AMUSEMENT COM.LOST.- A note book with my name in Please return to Leavitt and Peinre's.

H. HATHAWAY, JR.LOST.- A blue-book of French exercises. My name on outside. Please return to Leavitt and Peirce's.

W. C. NICHOLS.LOST.- Tuesday evening, between Matthews Hall and Thurston's, a furlined kid glove. Finder leave at Thurston's and receive reward.

HARVARD ELECTRIC CLUB.- There will be a meeting of the club this evening at its room.

G. S. CURTIS, Sec.LOST.- A fountain pen, Caw's Dashaway. Finder will please return it to the CRIMSON office, 3 Linden St.